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Finding The Right Housemates

Finding The Right Housemates

Need a roomie? If you’ve got the house but nobody to share with, you’ll need to find housemates, and ideally ones that will suit you. See the checklist on finding a good housemate for questions to ask. You can advertise on noticeboards or sites linked to...
Feeding Yourself Made Easy

Feeding Yourself Made Easy

Where to start? Ahh, food – we need it but no magic genie’s going to put it on your plate…except maybe The Colonel or Ronald McDonald. And sure, you can hook into junk here or there, but a daily diet won’t keep you or your wallet healthy; ditto for a coffee and...
Simple Steps For Cleaning Your House

Simple Steps For Cleaning Your House

Cleaning made easy Ok, so cleaning is not exciting. But unless you want to live in a dump overrun by cockroaches, maggots and mice, it has to get done. Here’s how to make it faster and easier. Clean as you go, and try to keep cleaning stuff in each room where it’s...
Getting Laid: Info On Sex

Getting Laid: Info On Sex

Getting down and dirty? OK, so you know the basics by now – this goes in there, etc. And you’ve probably worked out what feels good, even if you haven’t had sex with anyone else. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a fumble, or a tumble between consenting adults, but...
Useful Websites: Sex

Useful Websites: Sex

Sex info & advice There’s a lot of information out there, and, of course, most of the fun stuff you just sort out for yourself. But for helpful, non-judgemental advice on sex-related matters not covered in getting laid: info on sex, I don’t think you...
Facts On STIs (STDs)

Facts On STIs (STDs)

Doing the wild thing? Well, you’re always better safe than sorry, but if you haven’t been safe, at least check it out, and see your doctor to organise testing and treatment if necessary. This can make a huge difference to your life. For example, Chlamydia...
Alcohol: The Good, Bad & Downright Ugly

Alcohol: The Good, Bad & Downright Ugly

Alcohol: the legal high Ok, so red wine may be good for you in moderation (a couple of small glasses, not bottles), and a few drinks are a fun way to celebrate with friends or relax after a busy week. But those of us who’ve sculled down too much booze and got...
Useful Websites: Renting

Useful Websites: Renting

Each Australian state or territory has a specific Residential Tenancies Act or similar. They also have different systems in place to resolve complaints or disputes between tenants and landlords. The following organisations are a good starting point to get help and...
Renting: What You Need To Know

Renting: What You Need To Know

Got a place? Yay! What to do next You’ll need to sign a lease and pay your first payment – usually a bond of four weeks rent plus two weeks rent in advance. You’ll need to organise connections for utilities and other services before you move in if you want power, gas,...

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