Feeding yourself: Buy cheap, cook fast, eat well; easy-peasy lemon squeezy!

4 Easy Cheap Fish Recipes

4 Easy Cheap Fish Recipes

  Easy cheap fish recipes   Uh oh! Forgot to plan for Good Friday??   If you’re thinking about eating seafood (yep, I said, thinking about, but even non-Christians sometimes go meat-free on Good Friday. Ok, vegetarians will have to leave out the...
7 Cheap Easy Treats To Make

7 Cheap Easy Treats To Make

Cheap easy treats to make. Yum!   Keep it simple stupid recipes anyone can do.   Here’s a bunch of easy cheap treats to make at home out of stuff you’re likely to have lying around (mmm…2 ingredient banana pancakes anyone?). Use up your...
Easy, cheap meals

Easy, cheap meals

Fast, simple, cheap meals Here’s a bunch of ideas for cheap meals with everything from how to cook the basics (rice, pasta, pizza, white sauce etc) to cheap veggie and meat-based meals and more. Have fun in the kitchen using this info and you’ll be a pro...
Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own

Food, that is! Why, what were you thinking??? Anyway, you don’t have to be a green thumb to grow some of your food. Even if you only have a windowsill or balcony, you can chuck a few herbs or vegies in a pot (or just mint for cocktails ;-). You can even grow some...
Feeding Yourself Made Easy

Feeding Yourself Made Easy

Where to start? Ahh, food – we need it but no magic genie’s going to put it on your plate…except maybe The Colonel or Ronald McDonald. And sure, you can hook into junk here or there, but a daily diet won’t keep you or your wallet healthy; ditto for a coffee and...

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