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Sex info & advice

There’s a lot of information out there, and, of course, most of the fun stuff you just sort out for yourself.

But for helpful, non-judgemental advice on sex-related matters not covered in getting laid: info on sex, I don’t think you can go past Family Planning Australia.


Need information or advice?

Family Planning Australia has a lot of useful and non-judgemental information about sex — check out They’re always a good starting point for sex-related information.


NOTE: Doctors have to keep your information confidential unless there’s a risk of serious harm to you or someone else, and you can even get your own medicare card in Australia, even if you’re underage and haven’t moved out yet.


Gay, lesbian or transgender?

Try, for information and/or assistance in Australia, for more information, plus  websearch local support organisations, as most places will have their own support services and groups.


Info and help for rape victims

Call the police to report a sexual assault, and you can ask to speak to a female officer if it makes you feel more comfortable.

For advice or support, check out or web-search rape the support services in your local area.

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