Flying high: How to get help for problems with alcohol, smoking and/or other drugs

Smoking Stuff & Party Drugs

Smoking Stuff & Party Drugs

Illegal highs Do you smoke pot, or use party drugs or steroids? If you do, or plan to at some point, this information can help you make better decisions under those circumstances – which, let’s be clear, are often that you and/or your friends are doing something...
Party Drugs: Facts & Effects

Party Drugs: Facts & Effects

Buzz-kill info Yep, if you’re doing party drugs, at least be informed about the effects (or the best guess on effects, anyway). Stimulants: speed up messages between brain and body plus give energy – often very addictive, may be fatal. Ice (crystal meth, shabu,...
Alcohol: The Good, Bad & Downright Ugly

Alcohol: The Good, Bad & Downright Ugly

Alcohol: the legal high Ok, so red wine may be good for you in moderation (a couple of small glasses, not bottles), and a few drinks are a fun way to celebrate with friends or relax after a busy week. But those of us who’ve sculled down too much booze and got...

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