Useful Websites: Drugs & Alcohol

Need help or info?

Check out these links (&/or phone numbers) to get help or information for problems with alcohol, smoking, drugs or related mental health issues.

Need help to quit smoking?

In Australia, try or or call Quitline on 137848.

In the USA try

In the UK see or

Who to call for help with mental health problems (Australia)

Call for emergency police help if you’re scared for your or someone else’s safety

Call your local area health service’s 24 hr mental health free call (look it up in the phonebook, call directory assistance or google it). They can organise a crisis response if necessary.

Call Lifeline (131114) to talk to someone

Mental health info & ways to find help

Info on steroid use

For Australia:; USA:; UK:

Help with drug & alcohol problems

NOTE: Always call emergency services in a crisis situation

For the UK, start with sites like;; for information and ways to get help, or or if you’re the friend of a problem user.

In the USA, call 1-800-662-HELP for a free referral helpline, try your local narcotics anonymous or check

 Australian drug information and help services

Poisons information centre 13 11 26

Alcohol & drug info or

Counselling online (free 24hrs/7 days) 1800 888 236

Cannabis info and help (2pm-11pm Sun-Fri) 1800 304050

Drug info website 1300 858 584

Family drug info for if you’re concerned about a friend or relative using drugs 1300 360 455 (NSW) 1300 660 068 (Vic) 

 Or call the Australian Drug Information Service or similar organisation in your State or Territory

NSW: ADIS (anonymous, 24-hour alcohol and drug information service) Sydney 02 9361 8000; regional NSW 1800 422 599

Vic: Directline for 24 hour confidential drug and alcohol counselling and referrals 1800 888 236

Qld: ADIS (anonymous, 24-hour alcohol and drug information service) 1800 177 833

WA: ADIS (anonymous, 24-hour alcohol and drug information service) Perth 08 9442 5050; regional WA 1800 653 203

SA: ADIS (anonymous, 24-hour alcohol and drug information service) 1300 131 340

ACT: ACT Health Services: Alcohol and other drugs 02 6207 9977

NT: ADIS (anonymous, 24-hour alcohol and drug information service) 1800 131 350

Tas: ADIS (anonymous, 24-hour alcohol and drug information service) 1800 811 994

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