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Family Planning Australia has a lot of useful and non-judgemental information about sex — check out If you’re worried about your parents finding out about your sex life and you’re a teen who’s still at home, you can get your own medicare card in Australia.

Gay, lesbian or transgender?

Info and help for rape victims

For advice or support, go to or web-search rape support services in your local area.

Getting Laid: Info On Sex

Getting Laid: Info On Sex

Getting down and dirty? OK, so you know the basics by now – this goes in there, etc. And you’ve probably worked out what feels good, even if you haven’t had sex with anyone else. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a fumble, or a tumble between consenting adults, but...
Useful Websites: Sex

Useful Websites: Sex

Sex info & advice There’s a lot of information out there, and, of course, most of the fun stuff you just sort out for yourself. But for helpful, non-judgemental advice on sex-related matters not covered in getting laid: info on sex, I don’t think you...
Facts On STIs (STDs)

Facts On STIs (STDs)

Doing the wild thing? Well, you’re always better safe than sorry, but if you haven’t been safe, at least check it out, and see your doctor to organise testing and treatment if necessary. This can make a huge difference to your life. For example, Chlamydia...

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