Nest-sharing: Keep things sweet with your housemates

8 Tips for Getting Along with Housemates…

8 Tips for Getting Along with Housemates…

How to keep things cruisy with housemates Some problems break up share-houses time and time again. Read on to learn how to avoid them! These kinds of common conflicts can even destroy really great friendships. But if you go in with your eyes open and head off trouble,...
Pranks For Housemates…

Pranks For Housemates…

Pranks for your roomies Once you’ve found the right roomies, you’ll probably want to prank them at some stage, as long as it’s good, clean (well, maybe not so clean) fun. Stupid pranks go with the territory – just don’t hurt anyone. I just wish I’d seen the...
Urban Myths About Housemates

Urban Myths About Housemates

Urban myths There are stories galore about the hazards of sharing a house. Check out these freaky roomie myths, for example…and I’d love you to add your own stories in the comments! Busted starkers! A naked student is on their way back to his/her room,...
Getting Along With Housemates

Getting Along With Housemates

Sharing a house with other people can be a blast – whether you’re with mates or with people you’ve just met. Best case scenario, you’ll make friends for life, learn heaps and have a ball. It’s often little things that turn into big problems and blow everything apart....
Finding The Right Housemates

Finding The Right Housemates

Need a roomie? If you’ve got the house but nobody to share with, you’ll need to find housemates, and ideally ones that will suit you. See the checklist on finding a good housemate for questions to ask. You can advertise on noticeboards or sites linked to...

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