A Fun Guide To Moving Out!

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Out on your own for the first time? LtN makes it easy.

Leaving the nest?

Get all the info you need (even if you don’t know you need it) to make moving out super-fun and easy, plus avoid the common pitfalls.


Just look things up in the categories as you need them or browse around for a crash course of facts, tips, tricks…plus some funny stories, Pranks and Urban myths to spice things up.


#fluffball #leavingthenest #cutepuppy #leavinghomeforthefirsttime

Don’t panic…

First things first…

If you ace the quiz at Leaving home: are you ready?  you’re ready to make the break. Go on, fly!

What you need to succeed

  • First you need to Work out where to live. Will you go it alone in a bedsit, say, or share with housemates? Maybe you’re heading to a live-in college? Check out the pluses and minuses for different types of housing to work out what’s best for you.


Watch out for Rental or flatmate scams and learn how to avoid them

Already been scammed? Find out how to get help at Useful websites: renting.


check See what you need to get set up in your new place from Essential furniture to Handy furniture, appliances and Useful utensils (including the little things everybody forgets).

check Use all the handy Checklists to get organised, plus learn tricks on how to Get stuff for less or even for free!

check Get the Facts on renting plus a heap of useful Checklists for renters – what to look for on inspections, how to look good to a landlord (tip: it’s not looks or charm), tenant’s responsibilities (and landlords’), plus find useful contacts in case of problems.

check Paying bills? It’s a cold, hard reality. Learn what to connect (and when and how to do it), plus things like whose name you should put the bills in.

check Make a budget (including money for fun…seriously), plus cut your costs and set up simple ways to get things paid on time.

Other important info for leaving the nest

check Get the right housemates, and Hang on to them, with simple house rules and hints, plus 8 tips to stay happy and avoid share-house dramas.

check Not used to doing the cooking? Use the Checklists for pantry and other essentials, see Feeding yourself made easy to learn to keep your food fresh & save, plus get Basic cooking techniques and cheap, easy recipes – from pizza and pasta to vegie and/or meat meals, snacks and treats.

check Then there’s Simple steps for cleaning. Not super-fun, but neither are maggots in your bin or mice in your pantry. See What to do (yep, another handy checklist), what you need to get, plus find loads more Money-and-time-saving tips for bathrooms, kitchens, maggots etc., plus tricks Mum and Dad never told you (or, frankly, who could be bothered to listen?) to not shrink your favourite top or dye your undies pink.

But wait, there’s more!

check Get the naked truth on the fun and not-so-fun bits of Getting laid – from orgasms and oral sex to contraception and STIs.

check See the good, the bad and the ugly on Alcohol, plus Smoking and other drugs – including how to minimise the risks.

check Learn what to do if things fall apart for you or someone you know. Are you depressed, anxious, have an eating disorder or a drug or alcohol problem? Get the low-down on mental illness and find out when and where to get help.

check Get links to Useful websites for if you need extra help or advice when renting, or with board problems or pretty much anything related to living out of home for the first time.


A smooth take-off = a smooth landing


Yep, go into your new digs well-prepared and you’ll have a much more cruisy ride. So, grab a cuppa, pull up a beanbag, settle in and let the fun begin. Learn the basics of looking after yourself and fly like an eagle from the start!

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