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4 Easy Cheap Fish Recipes

4 Easy Cheap Fish Recipes

  Easy cheap fish recipes   Uh oh! Forgot to plan for Good Friday??   If you’re thinking about eating seafood (yep, I said, thinking about, but even non-Christians sometimes go meat-free on Good Friday. Ok, vegetarians will have to leave out the...
18 Tips To Cut Phone Bills

18 Tips To Cut Phone Bills

  Easy ways to cut phone bills   If you’re looking at new phone and internet plans for a new house, getting a new mobile plan, or maybe you’ve already signed up, got the bill, then freaked out when you can’t pay (yep, been there, done...
4 Quizzes: Is Your Mental Health Ok?

4 Quizzes: Is Your Mental Health Ok?

Need to get help with mental health? It’s pretty common to have problems dealing with stuff sometimes, especially if something big is going on in your life, like moving house, a break-up or someone dying. And it doesn’t even need to be a big horrible event...
7 Cheap Easy Treats To Make

7 Cheap Easy Treats To Make

Cheap easy treats to make. Yum!   Keep it simple stupid recipes anyone can do.   Here’s a bunch of easy cheap treats to make at home out of stuff you’re likely to have lying around (mmm…2 ingredient banana pancakes anyone?). Use up your...
11 Ways To Cut Costs!

11 Ways To Cut Costs!

  Ways to cut costs  Use less of things, or, if you can, use them at non-peak times when it’s cheaper (usually 10pm to 6am weekdays, and on weekends).  Turn the lights off when you leave the room.  Turn appliances off at the wall. Stand-by power is when something...
Checklist: Make A Budget (Easy & Free)

Checklist: Make A Budget (Easy & Free)

  Counting costs & budgeting You need a budget to keep track of how much money you have coming in versus how much your expenses are (or are likely to be). A budget helps you work out what you can actually afford to spend, plus how much you need to save to...
8 Tips for Getting Along with Housemates…

8 Tips for Getting Along with Housemates…

How to keep things cruisy with housemates Some problems break up share-houses time and time again. Read on to learn how to avoid them! These kinds of common conflicts can even destroy really great friendships. But if you go in with your eyes open and head off trouble,...
Pranks For Housemates…

Pranks For Housemates…

Pranks for your roomies Once you’ve found the right roomies, you’ll probably want to prank them at some stage, as long as it’s good, clean (well, maybe not so clean) fun. Stupid pranks go with the territory – just don’t hurt anyone. I just wish I’d seen the...

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