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Cheap or Free Stuff

Cheap or Free Stuff

Why pay if you don’t have to? … Ok, so most blokes will probably skip the clothes-swap parties but who knew you could get so much for na-da (or next to)? Plus, by swapping or getting free stuff, you’re often helping the environment by using less. Go you! Cheap...
Keeping A Pet

Keeping A Pet

Want to get a pet? Awww…that cute little puppy in the pet shop will be perfect in your new home, right? You can snuggle up together and get them their own little collar and bowl and a soft cosy bed… Whoa! Don’t EVER buy a pet on impulse. Lots of animals get...
Easy, cheap meals

Easy, cheap meals

Fast, simple, cheap meals Here’s a bunch of ideas for cheap meals with everything from how to cook the basics (rice, pasta, pizza, white sauce etc) to cheap veggie and meat-based meals and more. Have fun in the kitchen using this info and you’ll be a pro...
Urban Myths About Housemates

Urban Myths About Housemates

Urban myths There are stories galore about the hazards of sharing a house. Check out these freaky roomie myths, for example…and I’d love you to add your own stories in the comments! Busted starkers! A naked student is on their way back to his/her room,...
Getting Along With Housemates

Getting Along With Housemates

Sharing a house with other people can be a blast – whether you’re with mates or with people you’ve just met. Best case scenario, you’ll make friends for life, learn heaps and have a ball. It’s often little things that turn into big problems and blow everything apart....
Smoking Stuff & Party Drugs

Smoking Stuff & Party Drugs

Illegal highs Do you smoke pot, or use party drugs or steroids? If you do, or plan to at some point, this information can help you make better decisions under those circumstances – which, let’s be clear, are often that you and/or your friends are doing something...
Party Drugs: Facts & Effects

Party Drugs: Facts & Effects

Buzz-kill info Yep, if you’re doing party drugs, at least be informed about the effects (or the best guess on effects, anyway). Stimulants: speed up messages between brain and body plus give energy – often very addictive, may be fatal. Ice (crystal meth, shabu,...
Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own

Food, that is! Why, what were you thinking??? Anyway, you don’t have to be a green thumb to grow some of your food. Even if you only have a windowsill or balcony, you can chuck a few herbs or vegies in a pot (or just mint for cocktails ;-). You can even grow some...

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