4 Quizzes: Is Your Mental Health Ok?

mental health

Need to get help with mental health?

It’s pretty common to have problems dealing with stuff sometimes, especially if something big is going on in your life, like moving house, a break-up or someone dying.

And it doesn’t even need to be a big horrible event to trigger a mental health problem, even everyday stress can get hard to handle.


You might need to help to get back on track


The good thing is that when life is hard, there’s help you can get, depending what your issues are.

Check out 28 tips for cruisy mental health, including where to get help for depression, anxiety and eating disorders.


Not sure if you have a problem? These quizzes can help work it out!


If you answer yes to more than one question it’s probably best to book into the doctor for a chat about it. Take your answers along and tell them how you feel.


QUIZ: Do I have a drug or alcohol problem?




Getting wasted can help you forget for a bit, but the problems just get worse after. Best bite the bullet & sort your shit out instead.


  1. Do you feel bad about using alcohol or drugs, or think you need to cut down?
  2. Have you tried to stop using but couldn’t?
  3. Do you lie to people about how much or often you do it?
  4. Has it caused problems with your partner, friends or family?
  5. Have you blacked out or done something while using that you regret?
  6. Have you been in trouble at work or with the law because of using?


See the posts on Alcohol or on Smoking Stuff & Party drugs for info & where to get help.


 Quiz: Am I depressed?


Feeling down & blue for weeks on end? Can’t seem to get going or enjoy yourself? Don’t suffer in silence. Get help.


  1. Do you feel kind of hopeless, helpless, guilty or worthless a lot of the time?
  2. Have you generally lost interest in things and/or do you have less energy?
  3. Are you sleeping badly? Eating more or less than usual?
  4. Is it hard for you to concentrate?
  5. Is it hard to feel happy and enjoy things?
  6. Are you angry, in pain, or being more reckless than usual?


Quiz: Do I have an anxiety disorder?


Feeling anxious or panicky? Sometimes our brains can freak out & do a fight or flight response without cause. No biggie if you Get help.


  1. Do you feel worried, jumpy or on edge a lot of the time?
  2. Does your heart race or you feel short of breath for no reason?
  3. Do you sometimes get nauseous, shake, feel dizzy or break into a sweat for no reason?
  4. Are your muscles often tense or do you get headaches a lot?
  5. Is it hard for you to concentrate?
  6. Are you sleeping badly? Eating more or less than usual?


 Do I have an eating disorder?


Get help for eating disorders early if possible & don’t let food run, or ruin, your life.




  1. Do you worry about your weight a lot?
  2. Are you strict about what foods you eat?
  3. Have you lost or gained a lot of weight?
  4. Have your periods stopped or become irregular?
  5. Do you vomit after meals or regularly take laxatives?
  6. Do you eat a lot when you are by yourself then feel guilty?
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