Checklist: Handy Furniture, Appliances etc.

Handy furniture, appliances to get cheap

So you’re setting up a home for the first time? Once you’ve worked out your budget, you need to work out what furniture and bits and pieces you’ll need most.

Of course, everyone’s needs differ: a student mightn’t need an iron (does anyone? Just put wet stuff on hangers, shove jeans under your mattress – oh, ok, you might need to iron uniforms or work shirts); naturists won’t have much call for a wardrobe (or probably too many clothes for that matter); rice-lovers might want a rice cooker, stir-fry fans probably need a wok.

But for most people, there’re the essentials, like a bed and a fridge, for example, then the other handy stuff you need, or just really want, which is basically the stuff listed here.

You can get by without it, by going to the laundromat, using the library computer, even sweeping the carpet, but it makes it much easier (& more comfy) if you can beg, borrow or steal these things (ok, the stealing bit was just an expression. Don’t steal them.).

* go to checklists  for a printable checklist of this and more


Handy furniture and appliances to have…
Washing machine
Vacuum cleaner
Table and chairs
TV and/or DVD player and/or computer, tablet etc.
Bin(s) if not provided
Fan and/or heater
Warning! Remember, when in doubt, don’t. Who knows what will happen in the next few years? Do you want to be tied down by a whole heap of stuff (and debt)? What if you decide to travel? It might be better to use a laundromat or take the washing home to Mum or Dad’s, than fork out for something you can’t afford and mightn’t need in a year. Think about it.


 Helpful hints to save

  • If possible, try to beg, borrow, or steal the things you need (ok, not literally — ask if you can take stuff from your folks’, like a kettle, toaster, iron, and/or a starter set of cookware, crockery, mugs etc. Most households tend to have extra bits and pieces they can do without), or see tips here for getting hold of things cheaply or even for free.
  • Be creative: cover old lounges with a throw or sheet (dye or tie-dye it — just buy dye from a pharmacy or chain store like Spotlight or Lincraft, follow the instructions (!), and to tie-dye just poke your finger through bits of material and wrap around a bunch of rubber bands so the dye can’t get into those bits. Simple).
  • A crate and tea towel makes a cheap and easy coffee table.
  • Your laptop can double as a DVD player if you grab a cheap HDMI cable and plug it into your tv.
  • Got a table? Well you’ve also got a desk then.
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