Leaving Home: Are You Ready?

If you’re leaving home by choice, not moving out for work or study, first try the quiz: Are you ready to fly the coop? (below). Not to put a downer on the whole thing, but it doesn’t hurt to ask the question before you pack your bags – better than limping back home in a few months (not that there’s anything wrong with that if your folks are cool).

Quiz: Are you ready to fly the coop?

  1. Can you afford to move out, e.g. do you get enough money each week to live on and pay your expenses?
  2. Have you got a cash stash to pay any bonds and rent-in-advance, plus set yourself up and handle emergencies?
  3. Do you have the stuff you need ready for your house or your room?
  4. Do you have your housemates sorted (if applicable)?
  5. Can you look after yourself, that is, cook, clean, budget, open champagne (ok, so this one’s not exactly essential…) etc.?

If you aced numbers one and two, you can pretty much cover the rest of the info on this website (except the champagne). But if you’re raring to go but have no cash, it will be a struggle. Unless you’re working for your board, or someone’s supporting you, you’ll probably need more income (maybe a second job?), and/or to build up a bit of a nest egg before you make the move. It’s usually lots cheaper living at home, which is why people often stay home for yonks nowadays.  

If you do decide to stay put for a while, offer your folks some board and/or to put in for bills and groceries; also do your share of the housework. Seriously! Think of it as training. Otherwise it’ll be a shock when you do get out on your own and have to do everything yourself.

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