Urban Myths About Housemates


Urban myths

There are stories galore about the hazards of sharing a house.

Check out these freaky roomie myths, for example…and I’d love you to add your own stories in the comments!

Busted starkers!

A naked student is on their way back to his/her room, when their partner plus parents turn up to visit. Oops!

bloody hand

pic: tan_tan (via shutterstock)


Horror-fied housemate

Two roommates stay on campus over the holidays. One night, one goes out and the other stays in.

Variation 1: The going out roomie pops back to grab something without turning on the light, so as not to wake her friend. When she gets home in the morning she finds her roommate beheaded and a message scrawled in blood on the mirror – “aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?”

Variation 2: During the night, the sleeping roommate is awoken by a strange scratching sound in the hall and locks herself in the cupboard – in the morning she finds her roommate has been attacked and bled to death in the hall trying to get help.

I know, let’s play ‘hide the poo’!

Flatmates devise a cunning plan to get their house cleaning done, “hide the poo” – someone literally hides a poo and the rest keep cleaning until it’s found. When it’s too hard one day, they give up and figure it’ll turn up. It does, weeks later, at the bottom of the butter.

Gross…kinda funny, but what I’m wondering is why didn’t the hidees just ask the hider where it was???

And the morals?

Don’t wander around naked (plenty of people duck out to grab something in the nick…not pretty if the door slams shut. Well, it might be pretty depending who you are, but still.)

Lock your door.

Ummm… don’t play “hide the poo”. Seriously, who thinks these up?

Featured image credit: Jeff Thrower

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