Checklist: Cooking Utensils (And Extras)

Darn it, where’s the can opener?

You need cooking utensils to flip your snags, chop and cook stuff and yep, to open a can. Believe me, it’s no fun to buy dinner ingredients but have nothing to cut or stir them with, and, at the end of a looong day, what if your hard-earned bottle of red has a cork? Better tick bottle-opener off your list! Matches or a lighter are always handy to have, even for non-smokers (and especially if you have gas appliances) and candles are great in a blackout (much easier than trying to light the night with an iPhone torch app). Tick off the items on this checklist and you should stay out of trouble in most situations.

* go to checklists for a printable checklist of this and more


Useful utensils
Sharp knives tongs
scissors wooden spoon
chopping board spatula
bottle opener grater
can opener ladle
vegie peeler colander
matches or cigarette lighter measuring cups
candles Potato masher


How to get appliances, cooking utensils etc cheap 

  1. Garage sales are great, and you can bargain people down, especially if you buy more than one thing. Look for them in your free local paper, keep an eye out for signs in your area, or even check out noticeboards.
  2. You can also get durable things like cutlery, cookware and glassware from charity stores like Lifeline, Vinnies, The Salvos etc. for virtually nothing.
  3. Chain stores, supermarkets and discount stores often have great deals on starter packs of things like cutlery, cookware, Tupperware, dinner sets and glasses, which is especially handy if you’re starting from scratch

Stock up before you move

Keep an eye out for discounts on things cleaning products and non-perishables (garbage bags, foil, toilet paper etc.). Plus try to stock up a bit on long-lasting foods like cooking oil and sauces. If you build up a stash you won’t have to spend as much at first in your grocery shops (see feeding yourself for what you will need to get, and do, so you don’t go hungry).

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